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Natural Awakenings of the Coastal Carolinas

Spiritual Advisor 101

by Bonnie Sandera

I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations, Lithium on Sirius Radio last week. The DJ was sharing with his audience one of his best friends broke up with his girlfriend and was seeking help from a Spiritual Advisor. The DJ asked why someone would seek help from a person like that in their time of need. Seeing that I was driving my vehicle I didn't have the time to find his phone number and answer his question. So I will spend a few moments and answer it now the way I explain it to my clients and students.

Our spirit or our soul is that part of us that can hold trauma or negative thoughts or feelings. Sometimes we hold this trauma so long it can manifest into illness. And sometimes these traumas can cause repeated unhealthy patterns in our life like choosing the wrong relationships or the inability to make money.  

The trauma or what we call an imprint can be very clear to us in cases of abuse, molestation or abandonment. Sometimes it is a small incident what will pop up every so often like the teacher who made us stand up and do a math problem in front of the class or being the last student to be picked for a team. We would call that an A incident. If it comes up now and then it's stuck energy and needs to be cleared.

We also believe that if the trauma or imprint isn't cleared the lesson will present itself again even stronger. The student who is not picked for the team at the age of eight may have trouble fitting in during high school, college and ultimately have difficulty finding the right relationship, never feeling good about themselves and sending that message out into the world.

A few short Shamanic Energy Sessions can help clear the stuck energy and help the client live a healthy, happy life letting go of the past and living for today.

Reverend Sandera has a Bachelor's degree in Business and she studied directly under Shamanic Energy Teacher, Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Sandera teaches Shamanistic Energy Medicine in the Wilmington NC and Rochester, NY areas. In 2016 Sandera traveled to Peru to study with the high Shamans Don Marino, and Don Sabastian to grow her art of ancient healing modalities. She has also studied in Ireland and Brittney France and Glastonbury England.

Sandera is a co-organizer of Wilmington's Own Holistic and Psychic Expo which will take place on June 8 at Coastline Convention Center. Wilmington's Own is currently organizing two Spiritual retreats. The first is to take place at The Light Center in Black Mountain September 5-8, 2019. Sandera is currently arranging trips to Peru and Glastonbury England in 2020. For more information call 585-301-6957, email [email protected] or visit

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