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Natural Awakenings of the Coastal Carolinas

Protecting Ourselves from Negative Energy

by Bonnie Sandera

Sometimes in life we encounter what spiritual workers call Energy Vampires that can feed on our own body, mind and spirit.

We all have met them. They can identify themselves as victims where nothing seems to go right for them ever. If you stand back and look at their lives, most often there is some sort of outer integrity in their lives. Whether it is money or relationships, somewhere these people aren’t telling the truth about one or several issues.

As much as we try to help these people, most often we feel drained and tired after just a few hours with them. When these people are friends or acquaintances, they are much easier to avoid. Most often, these folks will be your family members that you either live with each and every day or see at family functions such as weddings. During these family events and functions, there are some fool-proof ways to protect yourself from the negativity brought on by the Energy Vampires. One is to carry protective stones or crystals. Several of the most powerful negative deterrent stones are Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx and Black Obsidian. These powerful stones are known for creating a force field against negative energy. Blue Lagoon Wellness Center and Salty Dogs Yoga Studio on Carolina Beach Island have a wide selection of these protective stones for sale. You can also wear jewelry made from these protective stones.

A good way to keep negative people out of your home is to set up a crystal barrier. When asked to do a house blessing, I always bring Black Tourmaline to the property. After clearing the house with Palo Santo Wood, I place the black stone along with a clear Crystal Quartz in each corner of the property. This will keep all negativity away from the home. This is a simple procedure you can do on your own. I like to finish the house blessing by drawing a cross with frankincense essential oil in each of the outside thresholds in the home. This process can be repeated yearly or whenever you feel it is necessary.

Bonnie Sandera is an intuitive consultant who offers private energy medicine spiritual coaching session. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 585-352-6957 or visit 

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