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Eileen and Great Oak are 'In the House'

Eileen and Great Oak

"Eileen and Great Oak, Psychic Medium, is available every Friday and once a month at the Blue Lagoon Wellness Center,” notes Pat Zachry, owner of the Blue Lagoon Wellness Center, in 
Wilmington. Zachry explains, “Eileen was born psychic; meaning she does not need cards or tools to provide information from the other side. She also has the wonderful ability to be a Medium, loved ones that have passed on are able to come through and speak with you via Eileen.”

“One of the greatest pleasures a Psychic has is to help others; to assist them in seeing what is real,” comments Eileen and Great Oak. Eileen continues, “Being Psychic is a form of healing. In my readings, people frequently release burdens and pain that they have been carrying. You better believe I keep a box of tissues on the table! The readings can be fun as well, especially when the cli-ent has a loved one on the other side with a great sense of humor. Laughter often roars from the reading room.”
“So whether you are looking for relief or a great laugh, call or drop in to experience Eileen and Great Oak at the Blue Lagoon Wellness Center,” adds Zachry. “And don’t forget the Rock Shop!” adds Eileen. 

Cost: Varies per reading. Location: 1201 Floral Pkwy., Wilmington. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 910-685-2795, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 9.


Psychic Readings - start: Aug 02, 2019 11:00AM

Drop-ins welcome. Call to schedule. 


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