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Natural Awakenings of the Coastal Carolinas

Goose Masters Can Remove Geese

The coastal branch of Goose Masters is celebrating re-ownership as of March of this year and is coming up on its seventh year in operation. The original owners and founders of several Goose Masters branches, Gwen and Kent Kuykendall, bought back the business from the previous owner and are reviving their work in the business along the coast of the Carolinas.

The firm provides an effective, humane and environmentally friendly Canada goose control program with long-lasting results on golf courses, beach fronts, private estates, colleges/universities, corporate properties, retirement communities, homeowners’ associations and many more utilizing Border col-lies. The company is PETA and The Humane Society of the U.S. officially approved.

Goose Masters’ Border collies are mindfully and skillfully raised and trained by the Kuykendall’s Border Collies business. The Kuykendalls have bred, raised and trained world- class Border Collies for more than 50 years, winning the 1995 Purina Herding Dog of the Year, the 2000 Working Border Collie Herding Dog of the Year as well as the 2000 National Nursery Champion.

 “Goose Masters’ method of Canada goose population control is more ethical than most other methods (such as poisoning or hunting, etc.) and is more effective and long-lasting than all other methods. Goose Masters respects the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and never touches or harms geese,” comments Ali Dvorak, wildlife specialist for the Coastal Carolinas branch.

Dvorak has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from University of North Carolina Wilmington plus years of experience in the field. Her work marks a return to Wilmington, her old stomping grounds and operating Goose Masters in this region. 

For more information, call 910-528-9668, email [email protected] or visit Goose-Masters-com. See Community Resource Guide, page 37. 
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