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Natural Awakenings of the Coastal Carolinas

Community Spotlight

by Iris Bleu

This month, locally owned YOGA in COMMON is celebrating 10 years of service for Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand areas. "We would like to send out a huge thank you to all of our yoga students, boutique shoppers, business mentors and our dedicated staff and teachers through the years for helping to create this amazing space that it is today," says studio owner Linda Phillips.

Located in The Market Common area of Myrtle Beach, the studio offers an opportunity for 
individuals to find quietude, solace and introspection, along with delicious movement that when 
paired with purposeful breathing, tones the body and the mind. Students claim that their “whole being” feels restored by the close of a yoga class whether they have practiced a gentle class or a more rigorous vinyasa flow class. “Just walking in here, I start to feel better… the smell, the energy, the warm hellos..,” are common comments Phillips says she often hears. 

From its inception, the vision of YOGA in COMMON has been to make the practice of yoga accessible to a wide variety of practitioners ranging from those brand-new to yoga to those that are returning to yoga, and also those who have a daily practice. “We even welcome those who are skeptical about yoga,” adds Phillips. “We strive to maintain a welcoming environment for all ages and fitness levels and have developed an expansive schedule that offers gentle, hatha, restorative, yin or vinyasa flow classes, so that you can select a class to match your mood, any day of the week.”

When YOGA in COMMON opened its doors in October 2009, the presence of yoga in Myrtle Beach was highly limited, almost invisible according to Phillips. “The yoga craze that we see nationwide now had not come to this area. There were only a few yoga studios anywhere along the Grand Strand and none were open seven days per week nor offering multiple classes per day. Yoga was rarely offered in gyms or fitness locations as it is today.”
 Phillips continues, “Likewise, there were very few Yoga Alliance-certified teachers available to teach the classes we planned to offer. We were fortunate that Angel Grant agreed to move up from Charleston to be the lead teacher for the newly created YOGA in COMMON.” Under her guidance, the studio began to build a community of yoga practitioners and to train future teachers. Currently, its yoga teacher training courses are offered for those who want to explore yoga more deeply and also for those who want to begin teaching yoga.  

“In essence we had to, ‘build the plane while we fly it’ by creating both a client base and yoga teachers simultaneously in order to fulfill our vision of a thriving, highly varied yoga studio,” reflects Phillips. “We wanted teachers to be well-trained in a classical vinyasa flow style of instruction and yet heart-based in the ways they lead their yoga classes. Angel helped us to accomplish this goal and that has become a signature for what to expect when you practice in our studio. (Angel also taught us how to give a good and proper hug when we greet each other.)” 

Through time, their other yoga teacher trainers Jodi Geoghan Rickards, Joanna Ducey and Stevie Goggans have maintained this same principle of highly skillful plus heart-based instruction as the goal for every yoga class their graduates will teach. 

In addition to yoga classes, the studio evolved as a gathering place for workshops and events that feature energy work, music and mantra, meditation, tapping, intuitive channelings, book groups, poetry nights, cacao ceremonies and retreats. “Here at the studio, many friendships have formed, and even marriages have occurred,” says Phillips. 

“During the past decade, at least three other studios have followed the ‘full-service’ format and class styles of our studio when they opened around the area including Pawleys Island, Murrels 
Inlet and Carolina Forest. Four of our yoga teacher training graduates have opened their own studios and one client opened her own studio called ‘Restorative Only,’ located in Florida, after falling in love with restorative classes at YOGA in COMMON. This is what yoga is all about, sharing the love. We are thankful for all the ways this presents itself via studio openings or personal transformations that clients tell us have come about for them through regular yoga practice.”

Seasonal visitors as well as regulars appreciate the consistency our studio offers year after year. For the staff, all the work of keeping a studio bright and beautiful, well-staffed and energetically vibrant is worth the effort when a client runs in for class and pauses to say: “Coming here is a gift. Truly, a gift. Thank for making such a wonderful place available for us all.” 

Phillips concludes, “We say to you, ‘Namaste and thank you for practicing with us at YOGA in COMMON! We honor the Love and Light in each of you!’”

Location: The Market Common, 3062 Deville St., Myrtle Beach. For more information, call 843-839-9636, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 29. 
Linda Phillips


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