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The Science of Chiropractic Care for Your Spine

by Ada Aniniba

Your body is like a science project. It is filled with cells; bones; muscles; tissues; organs; and your brain. Your spine, however, often becomes a critical but often-overlooked part of a healthy life. Consider all the many roles this vertebral structure plays in overall health. Your spine:

  • Keeps you upright.Connects other body parts such as your head, chest, pelvis, shoulders, arms and legs.
  • Forms your body’s central support system that carries your head, torso and arms.
  • Allows your body move in different directions, such as bending and twisting. Some parts, like your neck, are more flexible for areas that require movement.
  • For such a slender structure, your spine is amazingly complex. The bones that make up the spine also protect the spinal cord while elastic ligaments and spinal disks allow your spine to be flexible
About 80 percent of people suffer from spinal pain at some point according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes (NIH.) People that are overweight or obese, not physically fit, between 30 and 50, frequently lift heavy objects or maintain poor posture are especially at risk for back injuries.

But everyone—and everybody—benefits from a healthy spine. A chiropractor can address these issues and help you better maintain your spinal health in the future. When you visit a chiropractor, he or she looks for what’s interfering with your spinal alignment and corrects it. Chiropractors remove whatever interferes with the natural function of your body. After all, anything that interferes with the spine will eventually impact your entire body, according to research conduct-ed by the University of Iowa, Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC).

 Chiropractors maintain rigorous training, similar to that of medical doctors. They understand the intricacy of the spine and how this vertebral column impacts your entire body. When you visit your chiropractor, he or she will give you an adjustment to remove interference. These adjustments allow for greater communication within your body and help you feel better.

Consider back pain, which is the number one cause of disability as reported by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA.) When a chiropractor realigns the vertebrae in your spinal column, he or she removes the interferences between your brain and body so they communicate more effectively. That’s why adjustments help your back feel better, but they also help everything work better.

These adjustments can be simple, but profound. Chiropractors are trained to identify and remove these interferences that impact your nervous system. Then they allow the body to heal itself. Chiropractic care can address back pain and other spinal disorders. You’re less likely to require more invasive procedures such as pain medications and surgery. Three out of four people who see a chiropractor describe chiropractic care as “very effective” as reported by the ACA.

An adjustment can help you feel bet-ter, move better, and heal unrelated health problems. Many people experience a new, better, feeling of “normal” after having their spine realigned with chiropractic care. Your spine is your lifeline, the anchor of your body and the center of health. Keeping subluxations at bay will free your body for health as you work to incorporate the other diet and lifestyle essentials into your life.

Dr. Ada Aniniba is a Max Living Health Expert at Innate Family Health and Family Chiropractic and Wellness. She focuses on the five essentials of health: a healing mind, chiropractic, nutrition, lean muscles and minimizing toxins. Location: 14886 U.S. Hwy. 17N, Hampstead. For more nformation, call 910-406-1200, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 19.
Dr. Ada Aniniba


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