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Holiday Stress? Consider a Little Self-Care with VRT

Nov 30, 2019 05:00PM
It's the holiday season again and, unfortunately, through all of the excitement and festive activities, extra stressors can take a toll on your overall wellness. To alleviate such, consider Vibrational Raindrop Technique therapy (VRT) and wash away your stress. 

Haley Conner, BCHHP and owner of New Earth Wellness, explains, “Vibrational Raindrop Technique combines tuning fork frequencies with the healing energies of essential oils. These energetic frequencies are applied to different energy centers and in turn, relaxes, reduces stress, detoxifies, balances energy, and supports physical and emotional well-being.” 

Additional benefits of VRT therapy include repairing dam-aged muscle tissue, removing discomfort throughout the body, enhancing muscle tone, increasing mental alertness and improving circulation, digestion and the immune system. Conner adds, “VRT sessions not only benefit the physical body, but also mental and emotional bodies naturally.”

Location: New Earth Wellness (located inside Lifeline Chiropractic), 113 Military Cutoff Rd., Ste. 110, Wilmington. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 910-208-0037 or visit See Community Resource Guide, page 34.   
Haley Conner, BCHHP