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It's Good for What Ails Ya

by Sara Scheeres

Glenn Hieronymus, better known as Captain Glenn, was born and raised on a farm in Heidelberg, Kentucky. As a boy, he admired his granny Hi, the local mountain doctor. She introduced him to herbs and had him dig sassafras and yellow root out of the ground with a pick mattock. He aided her with making elixir teas throughout his childhood, planting the seed for his future Life Elixir Tea.

At 17, he left to join the Navy, serving for four years until a spinal injury occurred during a classified operation overseas. This incident was a major stressor and resulted in his eventual PTSD diagnosis. In the hospital, at the brink of his near-death experience, he prayed intensely, and was given another chance at life.

After completing his military service, he moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and flew for Piedmont Airlines for many years. His time as a pilot taught him the importance of balance. Captain Glenn moved again to Wilmington with dreams of starting a seafood business, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial career, purchasing one and then a fleet of commercial fishing boats. He called his three brothers down to help and they caught black sea bass, red snapper, grouper and North Carolina shrimp, among other species of fish, and started a retail/wholesale fish market on Airlie Road. In the mid-70’s, Captain Glenn started what would become a Wilmington landmark and institution—the Hieronymus Seafood Company Restaurant, where he served their local catches.

He sold his fresh seafood across the Eastern United States, including the famed Greenbrier, in West Virginia, where his fresh fish was in high demand. The name Hieronymus became synonymous with quality seafood. 

After many good years, he sold the restaurant, and around that time was called by his father’s widow, Miss Norma. She was struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis. She knew of his natural healing experience with Hi, and Norma said to him, “Glenn, if you come out, it’ll be a good thing.” And so, he and his family packed up and moved to Colorado.

Glenn spent days walking and talking with Norma, getting a better understanding of her symptoms and ailments. He began putting together the recipe for his Wellness Tea, though 80 percent of the way through, he became stuck. However, he didn’t give up—his dear daughter Holly encouraged him on. They went on a walk with Miss Norma to the river, and when he meditated there, it came to him: the final ingredient. Twenty-five days after the start, the Life Elixir Wellness Tea came to life, and the rest is history. It’s a strong tea with a zing of peppery flavor, and a spicy, earthy aroma.

Two weeks after drinking the tea three times daily, Miss Norma reported her pain having almost entirely disappeared. Within weeks, she, lost over 60 pounds, crediting the tea. Miss Norma is credited with the brand’s quote, “Grandmother says, it’s good for what ails ya!” Glenn himself drinks at least a quart a day of his Life Elixir Wellness Tea. He strongly believes that it plays a major role in relieving him of pain and his PTSD symptoms. “Spirit, mind and body, a therapeutic menu and appropriate exercise [to fit individual needs] are the foundations of balance,” says Captain Glenn. “This realization changed my life forever.” His vision has improved, he lost weight, and his flashbacks ceased to exist.

Now, just a year shy from 80, the Captain isn’t slowing down. “I feel like I’m in my twenties!” he says. Spending just 10 minutes with him would make someone rethink their own eating habits and activity choices. Captain Glenn goes for morning jogs on the sands of Wrightsville Beach, participates in water yoga and cooks strictly organic food. Everything he puts in his body is what he calls “Certified Hieronymus,” his brand developed with the North Carolina State University Department of Food Sciences. The Life Elixir Tea is U.S Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture certified who recognize it as a higher standard than organic. It’s available via his online store and in stores in the Rocky Mountains. Now that he’s back in North Carolina from the Rockies, Captain Glenn feels called to make his Elixir Teas available in health food stores across North Carolina.

In addition to the teas, the Captain has some other projects in the works, which will be announced on the Elixir Tea website. Captain Glenn’s final thoughts: “Enough is enough of the abuse, pain and stress that people go through—most of that suffering is not necessary. All I want to do is help people wake up to the healing power of Mother Earth.” It has become his life’s mission to help others by guiding them to become more aware of what they put into their bodies and how they can recover naturally from physical and mental imbalances.

Sara Scheeres is a local Wilmington resident, aspiring journalist and local college student, and Project Manager for Hieronymus’s businesses. For more information, visit See ad, back cover.

Glenn Hieronymus enjoying a glass of his Life Elixir Tea




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