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Natural Awakenings of the Coastal Carolinas

Product Spotlight: Clear Skies Ahead with Captain Glenn

Feb 28, 2020 09:38PM
Many of us are confused with all of the choices available today regarding proper health and wellness care. The average person is challenged daily with many nutritional choices in trying to balance their lives including dealing with mental, physical and diet stressors. Our daily wants may be creating problems in our emotional and physical being. Further, what may be good for an individual’s biochemistry may not be good for another’s. Captain Glenn Hieronymus, founder and
owner of Hieronymus Elixir Teas, says, “It’s not how many times you’ve landed, it’s how many times you’ve recovered. It pays not to have a cookie-cutter operation. Let it go and let God lead the way.”

Hieronymus continues, “Clinicians are focused daily on testing promising new techniques and therapies. If integrated properly, they may detour or even fix a certain condition of the body so goes the claim. However, most conventional treatments in ‘Western medicine’ practice a reaction mode, whereas now is the time when proper daily care is vital to our well-being.” He recommends to first slow down, love and embrace simplicity—the trinity technique that includes spirit, mind and body—and combine with a therapeutic menu and appropriate exercise daily.

As part of his healthy regimen, the Captain has integrated CBD oil into his trinity technique for the medicinal qualities. The natural, pure-mixed, appropriately processed benefits supports our inner neural system. According to Hieronymus, “Kentucky is the granddaddy of hemp production,” and this meets the Captain’s standards of Certified Hieronymus (Certi-Hi). “There are a lot of knock offs (rabbit holes), in the CBD market. Kentucky is a forerunner in techniques
of distillation and world famous for its limestone/bluegrass region for the ultimate production of CBD,” reports Hieronymus.

If used properly, elixir tea and CBD oil can support mind and body, detour human cancer cells, promote quality sleep and help the body to mitigate negative effects of PTSD. The Captain
recommends one-third of a millimeter of CBD oil, dropped under the tongue daily, enjoyed with his tea.

“Take a little time daily to make sure you are in balance. Slow down; love and simplicity. We are only as strong as our weakest link,” he adds.

For more information about or to order Captain Glenn’s Life Elixir Wellness Tea, call 970-903-5311, email [email protected] or visit See ad, back cover.