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Whole Food Plant-Based Diet: Make the Transition One Step at a Time

For many of us that have researched the benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet (WFPB), but just can’t seem to commit to converting just yet, Karen Dettore, Certified Nutrition Consultant and owner of The Calla Lily Advantage, offers a few expert suggestions.

“There are many approaches to implementing a WFPB lifestyle. If you are highly motivated and almost there [and want to] dive in and make the whole change all at once, just ensure you are prepared for slip ups, forgive yourself and get back on track. If you have already begun to make simple changes, set a goal to change one more thing. Instead of box cereal for breakfast, find a whole oats and fruit recipe you can make the night before. Make a list of changes you want to focus on and give each one a reasonable time frame and go for it,” says Dettore.

For those that believe they can’t possibly do it right now, but know they need to, she suggests finding someone to assist you with the transition as to inform your family and friends this is what you really want to do for your health, and you need their support. Dettore adds, “If you can, hire a professional to support you. Make your goals small and achievable. Write everything down or use and app to keep yourself accountable for what you are working towards. Most important, have faith in yourself, forgive yourself and move on after a slip up.”

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