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Home Checkups to Prevent Sickness

Many people may have gone to a doctor and received a clean bill of health, but are still not feeling well afterwards. Caroline Blazovsky, holder of many indoor and home environmental
certifications, and owner of My Healthy Home, a Gold-level Green America Certified Business, attests the cause may be in one’s home.

For 20 years, she has been helping individuals improve wellness by applying her expertise in evaluating homes for toxins and contaminants. “Our modern homes are filled with a plethora of problems. Radon, mold, formaldehyde and high VOCs are just some that may not only be potential carcinogens, but also cause inflammation in the body. As we uncover more knowledge
environments are determinants of health, and home and work effect our general wellness,”
she says.

In bridging the gap between medicine and our environments, her company has invented testing methods and analysis tools to evaluate the health of our living spaces. Testing can furnish information about one’s home and its toxins. An analysis given to people and their physicians can help provide a better picture of exposures and ways to remove toxins to improve health. “This new way of thinking may be the future for health and a way to prevent us from exposures that
may make us age faster and deplete our immune systems,” adds Blazovsky.

For more information including scheduling a consultation, visit
or or at Healthy Home Expert on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. See ad, page 29.

Caroline Blazovsky



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