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Dental Health to Support Overall Immune System

Dr. Jessica Shireman

During the coronavirus outbreak, dental offices are limited to providing only emergency services
nationwide. “It’s a scenario that’s new for patients and dentists. In over 10 years of practice, I have never seen anything like it. I can assure you that as a dentist, I miss seeing you in my office,” says Dr. Jessica Shireman, DMD AIOMT, owner of Wilmington Holistic Dentistry.

The best way to take care of oral health at home according to Shireman is to maintain your regimen. “If I had to summarize the best daily home care routine for all patients, it would include brushing twice with a soft toothbrush, or extra soft if you are sensitive, floss once daily and use an oral irrigating device such as a Waterpik once daily,” she recommends. Each individual varies in dental health so some home care suggestions may not apply to everyone.

As teeth are the only non-shedding surface of the body, unlike the skin that regenerates itself about once a month, they require maintenance to benefit one’s immune system. Keeping teeth clean at home (and having them cleaned when allowed) keeps the microflora of the oral cavity healthy. If  one has an altered immune system or just seeks maximum health, consider having a probiotic consult with one’s physician or pharmacist. A healthy oral microflora will decrease the level of inflammation that the oral cavity places on the rest of the body. A low level of inflammation makes one less susceptible to many health problems.

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