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Natural Awakenings of the Coastal Carolinas

Safe Haven Vision Keepers' Statement

Safe Haven

Photo by Sean Ruttkay,

Long-time area coastal resident Peg Ostby has issued an invitation for all residents of the Coastal
Carolinas communities to ward off this year’s hurricane and tropical storm season threats to our beloved coastal areas and beyond. Ostby recommends that we “Join together to get out ahead
of the weather pattern now, thus allowing our community to be safe from hurricanes, businesses to return to being profitable and our homes secure.” The Safe Haven vision statement reads:

We, residents of Coastal Carolinas communities, live steadfastly in the great power of Divine strength, by which we remain steady and calm through the 2020 hurricane season. We stand steady, ready and able to respond safely in every condition. So strong is our resolve that hurricanes retreat, and winds subside, in our presence. We celebrate a calm season with great appreciation!

Ostby also provides the following guidelines: Commit to daily focus of holding the Vision Keepers’
statement in intention 10 minutes, once daily at a time that fits your schedule—8 a.m. or noon or 9 p.m. thru the end of October, the end of the storm season. Lynne McTaggart, renowned author and alternative medicine activist, has documented higher success when the same statement and photo are used by a group focusing on the same time period. “We remain open to the magic of our vision to unfold with peaceful skies. When focused on the statement, it is recommended to take a few deep breaths and hold the intention statement in your mind while allowing yourself to visualize its coming true using all of your senses. Send the intention out from your heart and feel the collective energy of everyone else who is joining in with you,” adds Ostby.

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