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Therapy Spotlight: Mona Lisa Treatment

The MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser is a revolutionary, non-surgical, “walk in, walk out”, 20-minute treatment for vaginal dryness. It’s FDA-approved for vaginal dryness although some patients say they have experienced other types of relief after treatment. Dr. Chris Pate of Biosymmetry, in Wilmington, a specialist in bioidentical hormone health, offers this non-hormonal approach to help women with the bothersome symptoms that follow menopause. “The treatment itself is painless, low risk and requires no downtime. It’s suitable for most women and offers an alternative to suffering in silence,” he says.

The MonaLisa Touch uses a non-surgical fractional laser system, highly similar to the laser treatments long available for facial rejuvenation. The laser works by optically splitting a laser beam into a series of extremely small dots that are aimed at the inside wall of the vagina. The laser pulses for less than a tenth of a second, during which time the intensity of the laser is carefully varied by a computer to match the characteristics of the existing vaginal wall. At the point of contact, the laser dot removes a tiny area of tissue. This creates a pinhole around the diameter of a human hair. As the body repairs itself, it stimulates cells to create new healthy tissue at the site of the dot and the flesh immediately surrounding it. The new collagen that’s produced helps to lubricate and moisten the tissue.  

A standard MonaLisa Laser treatment consists of a preliminary medical consultation and three sessions during a 12-week period, plus a “booster treatment” at about one year. Clients that have sought treatment attest to how quick, easy and painless the procedure was and the benefit of not
having to use messy lubricants anymore.

Source: Biosymmetry, 265 Racine Dr., Ste. 102, Wilmington. For more information or to make an appointment, call 910-399-6661 or visit or Dr. Pate also offers bioidentical hormone therapy, medical weight loss, Sculpsure laser treatment, peptide therapy and Botox for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

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