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Business Spotlight: Crystal Coast Farms Organic Hemp in Swansboro

Aug 02, 2020 02:44PM ● By April Clark
Crystal Coast Farms

Chad Fleetwood

“Forever on the lookout for quality locally sourced products, I was pleasantly surprised to find a local hemp farm in my hometown,” says April Clark. “A visit to the farm was in order and I was given a tour by the grower himself. My time at the farm turned into a lesson in agriculture, botany and  chemistry—what every middle-aged woman needs to know about hemp. What I came away with from that visit was a strong desire to not only purchase their product, but to also become an advocate for Crystal Coast Farms (CCF). I’m impressed by their methods, operations and products.”

CCF, established in Swansboro in 2018, is co-owned and operated by Justin Cleve and Chad  Fleetwood. Fleetwood, the farm’s director of operations and grower who majored in horticulture in college, is a native Carolinian with 20-plus years’ experience as a grower for all types of vegetation for both wholesale and retail sale and use. Cleve and Fleetwood are brothers-in-law and the farm is a family endeavor; growing up and working on farms was a way of life for them and farm living is in their blood. 

Growing hemp was a way for CCF to move into the 21st century with a crop that has many uses ranging from alternative medicinal purposes to environmentally friendly products. They employ both outdoor and indoor growing methods for optimum production on the four varieties of hemp that they grow. While the farm is still in the infancy stages of its development and was severely impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Florence in September 2018, the co-owners have redoubled their efforts to grow and produce organic, locally sourced products.

“At one time, plastic was thought to be the mother of all inventions, a product with numerous possibilities and solutions that has turned out to be a huge problem that may never go away,” adds Clark. The use of a biodegradable product such as hemp will help to minimize the negative impacts of plastic. Hemp can be used as a plastic alternative and is environmentally friendly. Many major  brands like Coca-Cola are experimenting with the use of plant-based plastic alternatives in an effort to be more eco-conscious. The use of hemp also supports conserving natural resources when used as a substitute for many wood-manufactured products, like paper, rope, flooring and other building materials.

There are many more benefits to utilizing hemp for a greener planet and CCF believes their  contribution to a more sustainable future is through organic hemp farming. You can also help by choosing products that are eco-friendly and sustain our planet and resources.

CCF offers a variety of hemp-derived products including full-spectrum extract, pet supplement full-spectrum extract and several variations of pre-roll, smokable flower as well as clone specimens available in cell trays, quarts or gallon sizes. Products are not for sale to minors. Products can be purchased online via the farm’s merchant store or at local farmers’ markets such as the Market at Cedar Point located at 1046 Cedar Point Boulevard, in Cedar Point.

For more information about organically derived hemp and to purchase products, call 919-279-3385, email [email protected] or visit See ads, pages 7.

Crystal Coast Farms - Swansboro NC

Crystal Coast Farms - Swansboro, NC

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