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5 Essentials: Simplifying Good Health for Life

Dr. Ada Suter, DC, of Innate Health Family Chiropractic and Wellness, will present a six-week Masterclass covering a wide variety of topics from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. beginning on October 5 in Hampstead.

This series will aid participants in learning how the 5 essentials can improve overall health, build a fearless immune system, improve cancer awareness through a health focused lifestyle, how chiropractic care directly influences the functionality of the central nervous system and more.

“We have to decide where our principles lie during times of doubt and dismay. Now more than ever is the time to prioritize the value of the 5 essentials and strengthening our bodies from the inside out. The human body is naturally made to heal itself. By allowing our systems to work with optimal functionality, we put the natural healing process back in control of our lives. In our master the concept of next level nutrition and detoxification to optimize gut health and overall wellness, and uncover the natural health benefits of a consistent fitness plan,” adds Suter.

Note: Aniniba recently married and her legal last name is now Suter.

Cost: $60/person for series. Location: 14886 U.S. Hwy. 17N, Hampstead. For more information
call 910-406-1200, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 10 and Chiropractic Profile page, 19.

Innate Health Family Chiropractic  Wellness - Hampstead NC

Innate Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness - Hampstead, NC

The mission of Innate Health Family Chiropractic and Wellness is to provide the members of our community with high quality, affordable health care in a comfortable and caring environment.... Read More »