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Elder Care Options for Peace of Mind

Elder Care, King Law Firm

by Cynthia I. Navarro

It’s quite evident that self-care and family are priorities this year more than ever before. Change is happening all around us and throughout the world. Some of the transitions are positive and some are just different than what we are accustomed to. At times, people may feel as if they don’t have any control over the events in their lives or what’s happening around them, but there is hope and people do have options to control some of the most significant aspects in their lives.

People have the power to shape their future by selecting skilled attorneys to guide them in personal affairs. When people begin to age or have family members that are entering their senior years, they need to look at the benefits they have available to them. Laws change on a constant basis for the elderly and it’s important to keep informed on those matters. There are powerful laws to protect family members when they cannot protect themselves. Individuals should put procedures in place in anticipation of the unexpected occurrences life can present. It’s never too early to take charge and develop a plan of action to ensure peace of mind.

King Law Firm can assist anyone interested in taking steps toward securing a sense of tranquility in regard to their future. A person can have a great advantage when completing documentation relating to afterdeath or incapacitation procedures. It’s always been a good idea to be ahead of the game and not wait until the last minute to make decisions on healthcare procedures, distribution of property or inheritances.

The Nature of a Will
Let’s begin with the understanding of the importance of a will and how it can bring peace of mind. A will is a legal document that details a person’s wishes after death. It’s a document that holds notable weight in the court system and can be designed for an individual’s specific personal and family needs. Wills can include information on property and asset distribution, which will describe exactly how assets should be distributed among family members. Expenses and debt after death can be an added strain to surviving relatives after someone passes away. 

Eliminating unnecessary stress can provide surviving family members the opportunity to grieve in
a peaceful manner. Another benefit of having a will is the ability to name beneficiaries as the selected individuals who will be entitled to inherit assets. These beneficiaries can be children, grandchildren, relatives or friends. Some clients have even named charities as their beneficiaries. Going over countless options is what makes this process satisfying. It gives people the opportunity to select what works for them and takes away some of the anxiety that is related to being caught off guard. Going to sleep knowing that things have been organized if an  un-expected event occurs can help ease concern and provide a sense of peace.

There’s no need to be fearful of things not being handled properly after death if precautions are implemented in advance. A well-executed will can bring comfort and healing to family members after a traumatic event takes place like the passing of a loved one. Simply knowing surviving  family members are doing exactly what was expected of them to ensure the deceased wishes are being honored can bring healing in some form. When someone or their loved one cannot make decisions for themselves, a will can be a useful tool in ensuring proper handling of the situation. Fortunately, these options exist to take the burden off relatives on making difficult end-of-life decisions.

Assigning a Durable Power of Attorney or a (DPOA) is another route that can lead to a serene mind when it pertains to putting someone in charge of pertinent choices. It’s a legal document naming and authorizing a person to act on behalf of someone else regarding assets and financial matters.

There are different types of Power of Attorney (POA) documents; for example; there’s one called the Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA) which can specify what medical care a person may receive, and can even go as far as giving the agent (authorized person) the permission to make decisions on long-term care and health matters.

The Ease of the Process
In any of these cases, the central aspect to remember is how important it is to plan ahead of time, and how easy it is to obtain the assistance needed to go forth in taking a stand for the future especially during uncertain times. A competent attorney will handle the potential doubt, hesitance and complicated portion of the paperwork. All that’s required on the part of an interested party is the desire to plan ahead. The guidance a person requires to obtain a Will, DPOA or HCPOA lies in the hands of an attorney specialized in Elder Law. The process is easier than people imagine. And the benefits are greater than expected.

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