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Diabetes is Optional

Island Healing Chiropractic

by Karen Fairfield

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 45% of the population has either pre-diabetes or diabetes which is a mind-blowing statistic … talk about an epidemic. The fact is that Type 2 diabetes is preventable, manageable and even reversible. Seeing it happen often in the office is all the evidence needed and proving it is as simple as a blood draw. Diabetes is optional.

Pauline came into the office in January feeling really defeated. She didn’t want to go on  medication, but her physician was insisting due to some fairly miserable-looking lab work. He was concerned that her cholesterol and triglycerides were above normal, and she hadn’t been feeling great despite the diet her physician had suggested to her. “I promise you; I have stuck to it,” she said, “and I haven’t even lost a pound.”

After looking at more comprehensive lab work, the underlying problem turned out to be high sugar and insulin. Her glucose level was 141 and her A1C was 6.7 (normal range for pre-diabetes is 5.7-6.5). That is fully diabetic.

Fast forward and she was prescribed a customized diet and nutrition plan that focused on carbohydrate consumption and insulin stability. She was then coached on how to implement this new way of eating and how to simplify and fi t it into her busy lifestyle. As it turned out, Pauline had a lot of emotional stress ongoing in her life as well. What she didn’t realize is that stress is one of the biggest drivers of sugar handling problems due to its influence on cortisol, the
hormone that keeps sugar elevated in the bloodstream.

Six months later her glucose is 81 and her A1C is 5.3. Normal, not diabetic. Her cholesterol is 180, down from 278. Her triglycerides which were 259, are now 152. She has lost more than 20 pounds and is feeling like her old self. Pauline is not an unusual case, but there are many people that aren’t aware that there’s even a way to reverse their diabetes and especially the long-term consequences of it. As the numbers climb and the healthcare system strains to support so many new cases, alternative health care practitioners and health coaches need to do a better job in spreading the word that diabetes is not a life sentence for the majority of patients and  conventional treatments aren’t always the answer they are seeking.

Type 2 diabetes is absolutely a lifestyle driven disease. People are not doomed to have diabetes if it runs in their family; there’s no reason to be on prescription medications forever if the diagnosis is diabetes and there are many non-medical interventions for taking control of your health.

Diabetes doesn’t happen overnight. One can pick up on rising sugar and insulin levels long before it causes serious symptoms. The most important step someone can do is take action in improving diet, exercise and environmental factors that put people at risk for diabetes. Find a coach, find a knowledgeable healthcare provider to help guide you if you are stuck or confused.
Diabetes is optional.

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