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New Year, New Brain

“Meditation—that moment when you get comfortable, close your eyes and are told to empty your mind of thoughts. Yeah, right, all you can think about is that to-do list, what you could not get done, emails that are waiting for you or the tiff you had with your partner. You are anywhere
but there!” comments Sharon Meny, Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator and owner of Bloom Grow Blossom, in Wilmington.

“Meditation is often packaged as a one-size fits all cure; with focused attention, it’ll shift you into a state of bliss. Distractions are just what your brain does. Our brain is a prediction machine, all the brain wants to do is take past experiences to predict future outcomes,” continues Meny.

Neurosculpting is a five-step process that offers you tools to use in your daily life. The first two—quiet the flight/fight and engage the pre-frontal cortex—will put you in a focused attention state for meditation. Step three engages left and right hemispheres (analytical and creative functions). We then link a somatic cue and, lastly, name the experience.

“Your meditation practice is a journey; you don’t go to the gym once and expect a fit body. Meditation is a practice; it is not perfection. A meditation practice does not mean you will not get stuck or stressed, but you may navigate differently and feel different when you come out the other side. Whereas the Neurosculpting meditation modality is different and much more powerful. Through understanding what your brain is doing and why, you can also understand how to reprogram those thoughts to work for you not against you,” adds Meny.

For more information about the benefits and practice of neurosculpting meditation, call
Meny at 910-899-3124 or visit
grow-blossom. See listing, page 29.

Bloom Grow Blossom Neurosculpting Meditation - 111 Wilmington NC

Bloom Grow Blossom Neurosculpting Meditation - 111, Wilmington, NC

Neurosculpting® is a 5-step meditation process that aids in releasing the grip of old patterns and training the brain to create new and more supportive patterns, habits and behaviors. Cla... Read More »