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Prana on the Perimeter: New Year Option of a Healthier Diet

Jan 01, 2021 10:21PM ● By Hillary Carlisle
Energy. Endurance. Strength. Vitality. If these are on your list of what-to-get-more-of in 2021, what you need most is prana—by eating more living foods and limiting non-living ones, you will
increase your vitality.

In the Indian traditions of yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, prana refers to our lifeforce energy. Like the concept of qi in Chinese medicine, prana is the vital energy that animates our life and determines the quality of our health. The easiest way to increase your prana is through your diet,
so knowing which foods to choose is the key. Imagine the variety of green beans you might find in the grocery store. In the produce section are recently harvested beans, in the center aisles are rows of jolly-looking canned choices and in the frozen section are icy green selections.

Each bean offers a degree of nutritional value, but it’s difficult to know which has the most prana. If prana is life-force energy, the bean with the most availability of life-producing energy will have the most prana. So, imagine opening the pod of each one of these beans, taking out its seeds, planting them in rich soil and nurturing the seeds with the perfect amount of water, sunshine and time. What can you expect from this prana experiment? With the appropriate conditions, it's reasonable to expect a bean sprout to come up from the seed of the fresh green beans. But the canned and frozen bean seeds? No matter how much water, sunshine and love these seeds are given, they will never yield more life. Through the processes of cooking, canning and freezing,
the life-energy—prana—has been lost.

Eating living foods will increase your vital energy. Eating foods void of life will decrease your life energy. To replenish your pantry and your life with more vibrant energy, shop the grocery perimeters for fresh prana and be mindful about the processed and preserved products from the aisles.

Hillary Carlisle is the owner of Great Love Health and is an IIN Health Coach and Yoga Teacher. For more information about her services, call 337-412- 3873, email [email protected]
or find her social media @GreatLoveHealth. See listing, page 28.

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