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Therapy Spotlight: Hypnotherapy - Key to Unlocking the Subconscious Mind

Hypnotherapy at Healing Leaves

Those that try to lose weight or quit smoking may feel that no matter how hard they try, they seem to always fall back into old habits. Many have probably wondered why they can feel so
inspired to change after reading or hearing something motivating, yet quickly find themselves falling back into old ways. Through hypnosis, individuals can access the part of one’s mind where real change happens. Amber Law, an International Association of Counselors and Therapists’ certified hypnotherapist at Inner Guidance Hypnotherapy, says, “Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful tool allowing us to transform our lives by learning to listen and communicate with our subconscious mind, body and soul.”

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic method in which transformational changes can be achieved. By using this powerful method, hypnotherapist aids clients in communicating with and understanding their subconscious mind, body, and soul. The subconscious is like a personal computer— it runs our bodies day and night, including our metabolism, breathing, heart functions and hormones. It’s programmed by one’s upbringing, environment, experiences,
traumas, parents, teachers, society, coaches, TV and many other factors. It’s also the part of the mind that records all stimuli and information from our life. This forms our perceptions about ourselves and the how we view the world. Similar to a computer, one’s subconscious can be reprogrammed or upgraded through hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind. We go in and out of hypnotic trance daily while watching TV, reading a book, playing video games or anytime that we are so focused on what we are doing that we tune out other thoughts or stimuli. Hypnotherapists use this natural state of
consciousness for therapeutic purposes, helping clients clear away the endless mind chatter and focus inwardly with intent. Hypnotherapists use this hyper-focused state of mind to allow clients to go inwards gaining access to memories, underlying reasons for habits, the ability to challenge
limiting beliefs, self-defeating behavior, visualizing the outcomes they want and make their goals a reality.

Law specializes in transpersonal hypnosis and is specially trained to guide her
clients into a deep state of relaxation, where she can assist in bringing their physical and
spiritual body into a state of harmony and balance. Sessions are specially tailored to each client and allows her clients to feel a level of trust where they can deeply relax in a nonjudgmental environment. Law is also an Institute for Integrative Nutrition certified nutrition and health coach. She uses her deep listening skills, training and professional experiences to help her clients achieve their individual goals.

Location: Healing Leaves, Law offers both Zoom and in-person sessions. For more information or a free consultation, call 910-660-8127, email [email protected] or visit, [email protected] or Facebook @Inner Guidance. See ad, page 8.