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Mobile Knife and Blade-Sharpening Business Services Greater Wilmington

CP Knife Sharpening

Gerry Amitrano knows a lot about sharpening knives. As both a retired butcher and New York City fireman, he offers his mobile, knife-sharpening service to those in need in the greater Wilmington area.

“CP Knife Sharpening provides services direct to you and conveniently comes to your household. No need to box up and ship your culinary set; just schedule service and I conveniently can come to your location,” comments Amitrano. In addition to cutlery, the company services select gardening tools as well.

Amitrano recommends always maintaining one’s safety with cutlery (and related tools that can be sharpened.) “Safety-wise, sharper blades make cutting and slicing easier to control. A dull blade can slip, making control difficult and increasing the risk of falling into and slicing your finger,” adds Amitrano.

For more information or to schedule service, call 516-662-7778 or email [email protected]