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OM Therapeutics: Rebranding and Revamping this Year

OM Therapeutics, formerly Oriental Medical Therapies, has been practicing in Wilmington since 2005, providing Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, medical qigong therapeutic massage and other modalities in an overall integrative approach to well-being. “Based on current trends of the times, we are rebranding and restructuring our services in 2021 to better meet today’s patient needs and accessibility,” comments owner Tricia Miller, LAc.

“COVID-19 is not the main reason, but it is in part a facilitator of this movement to a more virtual and interactive approach to the modalities and services we will offer,” adds Miller. Changes to how services will be provided include offering virtual classes, podcasts and live meeting sessions, as well as in-person sessions. “Of particular note and by request, we’ve added our Healthy Back and Bones for Strength and Vitality video, a modified hatha yoga practice specifically for those who suffer from back injuries or as a preventive tool to avoid back injuries. This is also a perfect starting point for anyone new to yoga.”

“Whether you are seeking acupuncture, medical qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine or any combination of the modalities we offer, my intent and vision for this endeavor is the creation and continuing evolution of an online community providing information and solutions for self-care and planetary-care and where the two intersect with the implementation of this platform,” adds Miller.

Location: 217 N. Fifth Ave., Ste. 204, Wilmington. For more information, call 910-431-
3836, email [email protected] or visit

OM Therapeutics - 217 N 5th Avenue, 204, Wilmington, NC

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