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Natural Awakenings Coastal Carolinas

Carolina Turf

Apr 01, 2021 09:33PM ● By Dave Beveridge
Serving the Coastal Carolinas


Unlike traditional landscaping companies, we provide organic lawn care and pest control services that will keep your home safe and protect your family and the environment from toxic chemicals.
We kill weeds, not your family.

Services Offered:
Weed control & Fertilization, Pest control, Mosquito Control, Fire Ant Control, Tick Control, Fungicide Treatment, Bed Maintenance, Aeration & Seeding, Mole & Vole Repellent, Snake Repellent and Ornamental Treatment.

Areas of Specialty:
To reach more homeowners, we have created DIY organic lawn care programs to help you maintain a beautiful yard that is safe for your family, your neighborhood and this planet of ours.

After learning how toxic traditional lawn chemicals are during a weed control licensing class, we switched to organic products to protect the health of our own family, our employees and our clients.