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A Healthy Body Begins with a Healthy Mouth

Just over half of Americans receive routine dental care (52.3 percent reported in 2014 by the American Dental Association), and the oral cavity is a major cause of inflammation and infection. In a journey to achieving holistic health, regular dental screenings may help people with chronic health issues achieve better overall health. Identifying and eliminating sources of infection in the oral cavity can decrease inflammation of the body. Some sources of dental infections come from infected teeth, gum disease, bite and TMJ issues. These dental infections have been shown to play roles in cardiovascular disease, dementia, diabetes, infertility as well as many other health issues.

General oral health can reduce: chronic fatigue, sleep-disordered breathing, dry mouth, snoring, bad breath, oral cancer, facial muscle pain.

A healthy bite can reduce: headaches,  clenching/grinding, clicking/popping, jaw pain, crooked teeth, excessive tooth decay.

Healthy teeth can reduce: decay, infections/abscesses, cracked/broken teeth, defective/ broken fillings, hot/cold sensitivity, acid reflux, toxic metals.

Healthy gums can reduce: bleeding/swollen/red gums, recession, pockets, plaque
or calculus.

To make sure that one’s dental health is not placing a toxic burden on your systemic health, it is recommended to contact your dentist for a complete oral health evaluation.

Source: Wilmington Holistic Dentistry, Wilmington. Dr. Jessica Shireman, DMD. Location: 6200 Oleander Dr., Wilmington. For more information or to make an appointment, call 910-777-4020, email [email protected] or See ad, page 2.