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The Many Benefits of Yin Yoga

by Gina Mecca

Yin yoga is a beautiful practice that promotes healing of body, mind and spirt. Yin yoga is a more relaxed and slower practice of surrender. It’s still a challenging practice that allows us to delve deeper into mind-body awareness by holding the poses for longer periods of time, typically for two to five minutes. This allows for greater strengthening and healing on a deeper level beyond the muscles, into the tendons and ligaments. Our internal systems benefit as we create greater ease in movement, improved digestion, increased focus and calm, just to name a few.

Yin yoga poses challenge us to face what we are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally instead of moving from it. By being present, we can accept it and ultimately let it go. As we begin our practice with breath focus, pranayama, we can slowly settle our mind, adjust our body for this time of healing and open previously blocked areas. As with all yoga styles, it touches each body part from head to toe. As we all know too well, healthy body and mind go hand in hand.

Incorporating yin yoga into our daily lives can create a place for us to heal and grow. Yin yoga doesn’t require a great deal of movement or energy. When we allow ourselves to let go in these poses, we find a greater acceptance within ourselves that does not require change in any way. This is such a huge component to selflove, which effects every aspect of our lives. Yin yoga leaves one feeling calm, relaxed, centered, allowing stress and tension to slowly melt away.

Gina Mecca, MS ED, RYT-200, Yin Instructor and owner of Beach Blanket Yoga, located at 222 Carolina Beach Ave. N., Carolina Beach. Mecca has been practicing yoga for over 25 years, as well as teaching her clients and students yoga for many years prior to opening Beach Blanket Yoga last year. See listing in Yoga Guide, page 31.