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Cameron Clinic of Oriental Medicine: Providing Total Plans for Improved Well-Being

Nan Cameron, MSN, RN, LAc

by Randy Kambric

Most people don’t carry the misperceptions about acupuncture that they used to. “When I’d speak at community events 20 years ago, the name of my talk was ‘What About Those Needles?’, because the first question asked was ‘Did the needles hurt?’” says Nan Cameron, MSN, RN, LAc, owner and practitioner of the Cameron Clinic of Oriental Medicine, in Wilmington, since 2000.
“Nearly everyone now knows someone that does acupuncture and has already asked about the needles.”

Further, many people are currently aware and receptive that “formulating a plan, possibly including acupuncture along with nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and bioenergetic modalities, is effective for improving many health conditions.”

Following an initial consultation, the clinic offers individualized, comprehensive care in the time-tested traditions of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with integrative and functional  medicine practices for patients of all ages for many health concerns including cancer,  autoimmune issues, digestive system problems and chronic infections. Cameron says, “We help people understand their treatment options and choose the care they need and want.”

“Acupuncture works with chi,” she explains. “It’s all about energy. It may be stuck in specific places, maybe there’s not enough or it’s going in the wrong direction.” Her first foray in  healthcare services was as a registered nurse with a Master’s degree in cancer nursing. She then
received her master’s in Oriental Medicine degree from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine, in Santa Fe, and then completed a clinical internship in hospitals in Beijing and  Chengdu.

Licensed as an acupuncturist by the North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board, she is  recognized as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The Club at CamClinic, located within the practice, offers many bioenergetic modalities including ZYTO technology, utilizing the body’s natural energetic field to establish communications between a computer and
a ZYTO hand cradle that records responses to stimuli; EVOX, facilitating perception reframing; Tennant biomodulators and biotransducers; Biomats, combining far infrared rays and amethyst crystals to penetrate the body to improve cell metabolism; NanoVi, that produces the same biological signal the body uses to naturally repair cell damage caused by oxidative stress from daily food consumption and toxins we are exposed to; and the only Life Vessel in our region with
some clients traveling from as far away as Canada and Florida to experience its vibration, soothing sounds and infrared light to reach a natural state of relaxation, balance and restoration.

Cameron believes the latter modality is particularly helpful in battling stress. “It can be the ultimate experience in relaxation therapy. Life is crazy and busy and we’ve been burning the  candle on both ends; running from tigers. It’s particularly helpful for anyone experiencing physical and emotional stressors.”

For a little more than a year, she has also been offering her Nan Supercharge treatment. “I found that I needed to charge and balance myself efficiently, so I came up with it and it’s been popular with patients as well.” It combines the Biomat that enhances oxygenation and circulation with the Tennant biomodulator to “charge up your energy muscle battery pack.” Biotransducers work with subtle energy, such as qi, to balance polarity of organs to be better “‘team players’ for the entire body.”

The clinic also offers a wide variety of nutritional supplements and herbal preparations, including botanicals, vitamins and minerals, in pills, capsules, tinctures and granules. Further, clients can be empowered by utilizing her self-directed club program that focuses on bioenergetics, utilizing complementary, alternative health therapies. “Participants don’t have to be clinic patients to take advantage of our cutting-edge technologies. Membership is free. You decide how much or little
you want to do. New members schedule a consult to learn about the equipment and options
available and design a wellness program that works for them. It’s an amazing way to gain access to new, innovative methods, all in one location.”

Cameron is honored to be serving the healthcare needs of individuals in Wilmington and  surrounding areas for the past 21 years. “I’ve been seeing some clients all this time, but many others receive services when needed.”

The Cameron Clinic of Oriental Medicine is at 1928 S. 16th St., Wilmington. For more information or to make an appointment, call 910-342- 0999 or visit

Cameron Clinic of Oriental Medicine - 1928 South 16th Street Wilmington NC

Cameron Clinic of Oriental Medicine - 1928 South 16th Street, Wilmington, NC

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