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Expansion of Services During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Oct 01, 2021 10:26AM ● By Randy Kambic
Shelly Laine, a certified clinical thermographer and health coach, is the owner of Beacon Thermography, providing Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), a non-invasive test of physiology, which can be a lifesaving procedure in alerting patients and their doctors to changes in one’s body that may indicate early-stage breast disease or other abnormal processes that may be developing. Beginning this month, which coincides with national Breast Cancer Awareness Month, her attention and dedication to empowering people with her expertise will reach even higher levels.

She’s retiring from a 35-year career in information technology to “focus on my passion, which is natural health,” facilitated by her six-year-old practice. “I’ll be able to conduct more educational talks in the community and provide more health coaching.” 

The benefit of thermography, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as an adjunctive breast cancer detection tool, is it offers an increased opportunity of early detection. The screening—deploying safe, infrared technology—is done without any pain, radiation or compression as an inexpensive, first-line detection technique. 

Approximately 800 peer-reviewed research studies encompassing 30-plus years and including more than 300,000 women have exhibited thermography’s potential for diagnosing breast cancer in very early stages. “Along with inflammation, thermography checks vascular function and activity in the breast,” notes Laine. “It can pick up on irregular blood flow and circulation, pinpoint a spot that is warmer than normal, possibly indicating damaged tissue and/or the process of angiogenesis (new blood flow/nutrients) to cancel cells prior to tumor formation. If a tumor/mass has not yet significantly formed, which can take 8 to 10 years, then a structural test such as a mammogram or ultrasound wouldn’t identify the potential danger brewing; however, this is what thermography can detect. While some consider this a false positive test from thermography, it’s actually its beauty—giving the patient the earliest indicators and potentially more time to address the situation with major lifestyle changes and other protocols.” 

Along with procedural pain from breast compression which could potentially damage an encapsulated issue, and unnecessary biopsies and treatments, mammograms expose women to a significantly high amount of ionizing radiation. One research team analyzed mammogram diagnostics from 60,000 women. False positives were detected in 70 percent of the detected areas of concern and often lead to invasive and avoidable biopsies. Upon further testing from these biopsies, 70 to 80 percent of detected “tumors” on mammograms revealed no presence of cancer.  

With today’s new generation of sensor/camera technology, image processing algorithms and sophisticated computers, DITI is gaining more attention.  

Beacon Thermography provides clinical thermal imaging for breast, thyroid, digastric muscle, carotid artery, head and neck, abdomen and legs. Along with breast tissue, potential indicators of risk conditions include dental and sinus inflammation, deep vein thrombosis, pain and inflammation, melanoma and lymphatic dysfunction.

“Oral pathology can be tied to many diseases, including cancer in the breast,” she says. “A thermography exam can show potential lines of infection from the mouth to another part of the body. Local dentists are seeing the value and referring their patients for head and neck thermal scans.”

Her healing philosophy is based on the body’s innate ability to heal itself given a good chance. “Thermography is truly the best, earliest detection tool for breast cancer as it may identify potential issues years before mammograms and ultrasounds can, thereby giving the patient time to make critical lifestyle changes to enhance healing success,” Laine commented. “A combination of a healthy lifestyle; monthly breast self-exams; yearly doctor and thermography exams; and an ultrasound and/or mammogram every two to three years provides a solid protocol for early breast cancer detection. For a better and healthier society, we need to look at a safe and noninvasive modality with early detection potential as an adjunctive method to detect health problems.”

Associated with the American College of Clinical Thermology, Beacon Thermography is affiliated with 20,000-plus thermographers worldwide. “With the aid of powerful AI software, our reports are written by M.D.s and DOs, all board-certified in reading thermal scans. With such a vast network, patients’ scans can ‘follow’ them if they relocate.”

Scanning locations are at Tidal Wellness and Elite Chiropractic, in Wilmington; Natural Health Center, in Calabash; Carteret Chiropractic and Family Wellness, in Cape Carteret; Leland Holistic Wellness in Leland; Integrative Medical Clinic of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill; and Liles Family Chiropractic, in Wilson.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 910-803-2150 or 727-470-1694, email [email protected] or visit

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