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Crystal Coast Wellness Offers Three Service Locations

Jayme Limbaugh

Jayme Limbaugh

The Crystal Coast Wellness and Performance Center is a private wellness facility focused on helping individuals overcome the obstacles preventing them from achieving their health and fitness goals through the use of customized training and nutrition plans with two locations in Cedar Point and one in Morehead City.

The center’s registered dietician and licensed nutritionist, Jayme Limbaugh, thinks outside the box and provides her clients with a unique experience designed to encourage permanent  change. Limbaugh believes that everyone is unique and deserves an individualized approach to nutrition which means that one won’t find meal plans, vague guidelines or unsustainable habits
here. Instead, she offers guidance and support to determine what works best for clients while encouraging them to make better decisions that lead to lifelong change.

Locations: 4913 Bridges St. Ext., Bldg. B, Morehead City; 718 Cedar Point Blvd., Cedar Point (nutrition services only), 1057 Cedar Point Blvd., Unit B2, Cedar Point (P.T. and personal training services
only.) For more information or to make an appointment, call 252-808-5623, email  [email protected] or visit