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Blue Lagoon Wellness Center and Emporium Rock Shop Adding More Special Events, Visits By Experts

May 02, 2022 12:18PM ● By Randy Kambic
Each individual’s road to mind, body and spirit health and wellness can take different paths and involve many different methods. An area destination for “stops” in such journeys, furnishing an ever-widening spectrum of services, treatments and more, is the Blue Lagoon Wellness Center and Emporium Rock Shop, in Wilmington.

Co-owned by sisters Pat and Jo Zachry, what began as a one-room office eight years has become a mecca for wellness and healing as well as a forum for regular, ongoing and special visits by expert practitioners and healers.

In addition to staffing massage therapists and three energy workers, engaging a psychic and operating a metaphysical store from Tuesdays through Sundays, it’s hosting more and more special events and wellness sessions.

“We wouldn’t have been able to add more special events and visits by exceptional experts in many separate areas if we hadn’t built up such a loyal community,” says Pat A Mother’s Day event on May 3 will feature a raffle drawing for two pendants. “We did one at Christmas,” says Jo. “We’ll
do similar drawings on some precious items every few months.”

Due to the success of an initial Tea Party in March, another one is set for May 7. Along with 10-crystal, 5- or 3-stone psychic readings, Debbie Turner, of Devorah Guidance, also conducts Bio-
Well Scan, a quick, easy and non-intrusive scanning process that reads the energy both around and in the body. A detailed report that provides many graphic impressions of energy states and stress levels “shows any area that there may be complications,” cites Jo. “It allows one to see and take care of energy before it hits the body. If there’s an issue with a body organ, it can help pinpoint it.” Turner will present a free, informative Bio-Well demonstration at 2 p.m. on May 14.

Sondra Lambert will lead an Aura Photo Day event from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on June 1. Photos are taken of people’s Energy Field. The process, which she has provided several times before at the center, “shows the color of energy around you,” says Jo.

A Summer Solstice Celebration entailing a fire circle will take place on June 21. The next Crystal Trunk Show with Sharron Britton is planned for this fall. “She’s presented with us almost as long as we’ve been open,” says Jo. “She goes to many minerals shows around the country and stops here on her way back to her home in Florida,” says Pat.

Lana Buecker, a certified HeartMath mentor, began bringing the modality that helps people bring the heart-brain connection and physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment to the center in early 2021. One-hour sessions by appointment can awaken the higher mental,
emotional and spiritual capacities that frequently lie dormant unless catalyzed plus further understanding of the relationship between emotions, stress, performance and health.

Buecker also began conducting walking meditations, based on the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, in March and will continue to do so on the first and last Saturday of each month.

Michelle Wells, intuitive psychic, of Soal Star Institute, healer and light worker who brings clarity and healing, including awakening Kundalini Shakti energy, serves her clients as a guide to healing through knowing and healing the self.

Psychic Mystic Karen, an intuitive, Vedic Palmist, tarot reader and psychic medium; and Psychic Eileen and Great Oak, spirit guide, with the ability to speak to our loved ones that have passed over, are also featured.Brooke Rowe, a Reiki Master Teacher and professional Tarot/Oracle Card Reader, and Beth Urban are two other psychics that are available at the center on a regular basis.

The center also provides Energy Work, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Massage, CranioSacral Therapy,Hypnotherapy and QHHT. Chakra balancing is particularly important as chakras are energy points, “wheels” of energy in our body that should stay “open” and “aligned”. “Optimizing the flow of Universal Life Energy through every cell of our physical and energetic bodies brings inner peace and physical well-being,” says Jo.

The Emporium Rock Shop, “a sophisticated shopping experience,” assesses Pat, features some of the area’s finest and unique crystal specimens including a wide variety of pocket stones, handmade smudge features sage, Palo Santo wood, sprays to clear energy when burning isn’t safe, gridding kits, grid/altar plates, pendulums and more.

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center and Emporium Rock Shop is located at 1202 Floral Pkwy., Wilmington. For more information including on events and classes, call 910-685-2795 or visit See ad,page 2.