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Holistic Edge Celebrates One-Year Anniversary in Wilmington

Entrepreneur and owner Adriene Lucero is excited to announce their one-year anniversary since Holistic Edge opened in Wilmington, assisting customers in the search for alternative health solutions.

“Our one year anniversary will be August 20th and we will have a few raffles giving products away
on that day, we will have Kratom, CBD, and Kava themed prizes,” notes Lucero. “Our goal is to drive
home the fact that Holistic Edge sells products that may be considered taboo by some, but we 100 percent believe in helping our customers, noting that we are not doctors and all our claims are based on our loyal customer testimony and our own personal experiences.”

Location: 18 S. Front St., Wilmington. For more information, call 910-769-3077 or visit See Community Resource Guide listing, page 29.